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Pollinator Pathway

West and Southwest Philadelphia

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Welcome to the West and Southwest Philadelphia Pollinator Pathway page! We are growing our pathway day by day -- thank you for your interest. Leading our pathway is a group of neighbors, “West Philly Native Plants and Pollinators” (WPNPP) -- we’re a Facebook-based network rooted in real-world activities dedicated to expanding the use of native plants in our gardens and community spaces to support a healthy and sustainable ecosystem for all. 

One of our goals is to develop pollinator/wildlife corridors throughout West and Southwest Philly that will transform our urban gardening landscape from one of isolated pockets of native plants to an interconnected network that will support wildlife (particularly pollinators) as well as beautify our communities. We envision a time when walking through West and Southwest Philadelphia means walking through a patchwork of native plant gardens, bursting with a diversity of plants, flowers, and trees supporting an even wider variety of wildlife. 

Please reach out via email ( or visit us on Facebook!

Use the “Join Now” link below to make your garden part of the West and Southwest Philadelphia Pollinator Pathway. Next, send us an email at to request your Pollinator Pathway garden sign. We’re offering them via porch pick-up in the Spruce Hill neighborhood for $3.50 to cover the cost of the sign. When we get your email, we’ll send you instructions for pick-up. Finally, head over to Facebook and find us at “West Philly Native Plants and Pollinators” to connect with other native plant gardeners in the community. Please be sure to respond to the questions when requesting membership. And thank you! WELCOME!


Message us on Facebook: "West Philly Native Plants and Pollinators"

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