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A Call for Stories About Connecting Habitat

Have you completed a habitat restoration project designed to improve connectivity for pollinators or other wildlife species? Pollinator Pathway is collaborating with Follow the Forest and other connectivity initiatives throughout the Northeast to collect your stories. We hope to learn from the work you’ve done, build upon our networks, and spotlight your stories on our websites, social media pages, and promotional materials.

Examples of restoration efforts improving pollinator pathways and terrestrial or aquatic connectivity include:

· Creating pollinator gardens from native plants,

· Invasive species removal,

· Working with your neighbors to spread local awareness of connectivity needs,

· Reforestation efforts,

· Advocating for more green spaces in your town / working with your planning and zoning board to create infrastructure that poses fewer stressors to migrating wildlife,

· Barrier removal in streams to improve fish passage etc.

Have you completed any of these types of projects? This can be on your own land, in your town, or in partnership with an environmental organization or other entity. What inspired you to undertake the project? Who did you collaborate with? What were the challenges you encountered and what did you learn from the experience? Did you receive funding to complete this project?

Ideally, these stories would be in the form of a short blog post about 300-500 words long with a few images included. In the interest of time, however, you can also send us bullet points or an existing document or press release outlining your project and a contact name for quotes.

Please email your stories to Follow the Forest’s Paul Mailhot-Singer at Ideally, we would like to receive submissions before 9/1, but we are open to content at any time. We will likely include some stories right away and then add more over time.

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