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Sharing Pollinator Pathway Success Stories, part 2

Continuing our Sharing Pollinator Pathway Success Stories series, Pollinator Pathway leader Carol Alper from Cape Cod, MA described the Cape as “a very fragile sandbar.” In her quest to save its ecosystem, she visited the website and found how simple it would be to get started. Armed with tools like brochures, signs, and a logo, she began to network and grow the connections between the towns. Since the start of the Cape Cod Pollinator Pathway in 2020, the Audubon Sanctuary became a native plant education center; the Hyannis Business Association installed 100 native plant flower boxes along Main St., becoming a tourist attraction; garden clubs wanting to plant natives now could get grants that were formerly inaccessible; Cape Cod towns are passing municipal resolutions requiring the use of native plants. And, according to Carol, it all began with “just a bunch of people wanting to get Cape Cod covered with butterflies on the Pollinator Pathway map.” 

For more about the Cape Cod, MA Pathway, check out their website here.

To listed to the full webinar recording, click here. If you want to tune into Carol's ~10 minute section, start at 14:04.

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