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Pollinator Pathway


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Town Gardens

Granby Wildflower Meadow

175 Salmon Brook Street, Granby, CT 06035 

In Granby a town owned 5 acre fallow field is being transformed into a native wildflower meadow to support pollinators and other wildlife. In June 2022, over 700 plugs were planted by volunteers within a section of the field. In the fall, Granby Wildflower Meadow will be overseeded with native wildflower seeds, selected for this sunny, sandy site. Asters, goldenrod, milkweed, black-eyed susans, coneflowers are some of the plants featured in the meadow.

Garden of Gratitude

242 Salmon Brook Street, Granby, CT 06035 

The Garden Of Gratitude was started in 2013 and was created and nurtured by South Church members with the goal of providing free vegetables and herbs to the Waste Not Want Not Community Meal and anyone needing fresh food. We aim to teach about organic farming while supporting the wider community and spread awareness on food insecurity issues. Partners include the congregation at First Congregational Church, Heads Up! Hartford community service program, and other various youth service groups. We grow organic herbs, vegetables, flowers and berries. The garden is also on the Pollinator Pathway.

Silkey Road Stop Sign

Intersection of Silkey and Highley Rd, Granby, CT 06060 

The initial start was a neighborhood book club reading of “Bringing Nature Home” by Doug Tallamy in 2020 and efforts to remove invasive plants from homes. In the winter of 2022, a mention of “wouldn’t it be nice to remove the barberries from the planted stop sign area”, turned into a lovely 22’ x 14’ garden featuring New Jersey Tea, goldenrods, asters, lupine, milkweed and other drought and salt tolerant natives in this sunny site.


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