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Wilton Pollinator Pathway

Wilton residents have the opportunity to use their own backyards to make an impact on the environment by joining the Pollinator Pathway. The program aims to establish pollinator-friendly habitat and food sources for bees, butterflies, hummingbirds and the plethora of other pollinating insects and wildlife along two continuous corridors, Route 33 and Route 7 which abuts the Norwalk River. This branch heads east and connects to the Wilton/Weston Pollinator Pathway. 

While two roadways have been earmarked as the Pollinator Pathway, all residents are encouraged to participate. The initiative began in April 2017, and citizens are able to join the program by pledging to create a pollinator-friendly space with native nectar and larval host plants on their property--as small as a container to as large as a meadow--and to use pest management techniques that do not require pesticides to control insects or weeds.

Yard Visits From A Master Gardener
As part of the program, the Pollinator Pathway offers visits to people’s yards by master gardeners for free assessments about where to plant pollinator plants and which ones to choose.


Pollinator Pathway Logo 
Wilton artist, Paige Lyons, designed the logo, which shows the town map in green and the configuration of the pathway beginning with the loop in the town center and moving in a “Y” up Ridgefield Rd and Danbury Rd along the Norwalk River.

Pollinator Gardens Planted So Far...

Allen's Meadow, Danbury Rd

new meadow coming summer 2020

Chess Park, River Rd, Town Center

Hillside Cemetery, Ridgefield Rd 

April 2017

April 2018

Norwalk River Valley Trail at Sharp Hill Rd & Autumn Ridge

Wilton Library Children's Garden

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The Wilton Pollinator Pathway is a collaboration of Norwalk River Watershed Association, Wilton Garden Club, Wilton Land Conservation Trust, and Woodcock Nature Center with support from Highstead Foundation, Hudson-to-Housatonic Regional Conservation Parnership (H2H), and Norwalk River Valley Trail (NRVT) on behalf of the community of Wilton.

Our steering committee is led by Jackie Algon,

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Add your property, a town garden, or a pesticide-free open space in your town to this map of private and public way-stations along the Pollinator Pathway. 

  • The black and white butterfly logos mark residences that provide a food and shelter for pollinators.

  • The green and purple butterfly logos mark public gardens managed by volunteers

  • The blue pins mark protected open space that provides pesticide-free native habitat for wildlife, including pollinators. 

Email us at and include the address of the property you would like to add.  

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